Normal Pregnancy

Are you considering pregnancy? The time to see your doctor is now. Most of a baby’s organs are formed within two months of conception. This is often before a woman even realizes that she is pregnant. Your health and habits are actually most important during this early part of the pregnancy. Wise choices during this time are critical for a normal pregnancy and healthy infant.

Consider a preconception counseling visit with your doctor. At that time, he or she will review your medical and family history and past pregnancies. Diet, exercise and your lifestyle will also be discussed.

Facts About Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy is actually closer to 10 months and is measured in weeks – the average pregnancy is 40 weeks or 266 days
  • Although we don’t recommend any one resource on pregnancy, a good staple is “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”
  • A baby’s heart begins to beat in the second month of pregnancy
  • Eyes and ears are formed during the third month; you can also usually hear the heartbeat with the aid of a Doppler
  • In the fifth month, you can often determine gender with an ultrasound (although accuracy varies)
  • Month seven, your baby is listening to you! S/he is also shifting her/his head down towards the uterus
  • A baby gains about ½ pound every week up until week 37 where weight gain slows dramatically
  • Although we try to be as accurate as possible with a delivery date, most babies will be born anywhere from two weeks before the due date to one week after the due date.